Fr. Pecchie's Message 09/13/20

Posted by Web Staff on 9/19/20

Cheryl McGuinness learned this secret of mercy at the foot of a strange and terrible cross. She is the widow of the co-pilot of American Airlines Flight 11, which was hijacked and smashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. That morning, she and her two teenage ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 09/06/20

Posted by Web Staff on 9/12/20

Nobody likes to be corrected. It tweaks our ego, and it is often badly done or consists of someone making snide comments or berating us because we’ve done something they don’t like. Fraternal correction can also sting, but it has the good of the corrected person in mind. Today’s ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 08/30/20

Posted by Web Staff on 9/05/20

Being honest about the hard truths got Jesus in trouble - in fact, it got Him crucified.  It also got the Old Testament prophets in trouble, and Jeremiah, the author of today's First Reading and my favorite prophet, is a prime example. He lived in Jerusalem in the final ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 08/16/20

Posted by Web Staff on 9/01/20

If God truly wants everyone to be saved and is working hard to make that happen, how do we explain the existence of Hell, which is a dogma of our faith? It's simple, though tragic. God wants all of us to be saved, but He won't force us to ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 08/09/20

Posted by Web Staff on 8/16/20

This is one of the most memorable and beautiful passages from the Old Testament. The Prophet Elijah has just had a run-in with the pagan prophets that have allied themselves with the evil Queen Jezebel.  Elijah came out victorious in that encounter, and it made Jezebel furious. She threatened ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 08/02/20

Posted by Web Staff on 8/08/20

Let's put ourselves in this scene. After a long day, the exhausted and exasperated disciples try to get Jesus to send away the hungry throng. But Jesus looks at them, so preoccupied with their own selfish concerns, and says, "Feed them yourselves." Imagine their shock. Five thousand men, with ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 07/26/20

Posted by Web Staff on 8/01/20

The parable of the fishing net helps us understand one of the main reasons that our friendship with Christ is so valuable. At the end of history (either our personal history, or history in general, whichever comes first), if we are found living a vital and personal relationship with ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 07/19/20

Posted by Web Staff on 7/25/20

Most of us have heard about reincarnation, a common belief among Hindu and Buddhist religions that originated in the Orient.  Reincarnation teaches that at death, unenlightened human souls transmigrate from our body into another body, either of an animal, vegetable, or mineral. That process of transmigration is repeated over ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 07/12/20

Posted by Web Staff on 7/18/20

Christ's words have power. Immense crowds press upon Him as He teaches. The crowd was so big, Jesus actually got into a fishing boat and used the lake as His speaking platform, so that He could address everyone gathered on the shore.  Crowds like this hung on His every ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 07/05/20

Posted by Web Staff on 7/11/20

This is why faithful Christians are always courageous defenders of peace, in all its forms: since Christ has established His own peace in their hearts, they are able to become peacemakers for others. Take St. Genevieve, for example. She lived in France, in the 400s. Paganism was still strong ... Read More »