Fr. Pecchie's Message 09/12/21

Posted by Web Staff on 9/18/21

"You are thinking not as God does, but as man does."  In other words, God's ways differ from our ways, and we need to learn to follow Him and not ourselves. Christ teaches this lesson in the context of His own passion and death, which He has just predicted to His ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 09/05/21

Posted by Web Staff on 9/11/21

One of the most famous examples of God's hankering after the heart is found in the Old Testament, in the story of King David. We all remember how King Saul, the first king of ancient Israel, became corrupt. When his corruption led him into outright disobedience to God's specific ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 08/29/21

Posted by Web Staff on 9/04/21

Today we have the encounter of Jesus and the Pharisees. Jesus sums up His critique of these Pharisees by pointing out that they "disregard God's commandment, but cling to human traditions." Throughout this whole exchange, Jesus uses that same definitive tone. He is not merely arguing with the Pharisees, as if ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 08/22/21

Posted by Web Staff on 9/02/21

Testing doesn't always come in ways that we expect. We tend to think of difficulties, injustices, struggles, and suffering as the usual challenges to our faith. But sometimes success and prosperity can be equally challenging. That's what happened to Joshua and the people of Israel in today's First Reading. ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 08/15/21

Posted by Web Staff on 8/27/21

Christ packs three momentous lessons into this discourse on the Eucharist in today's Gospel passage. First, He points out the mystery of faith, that no one can believe in Him "unless he is drawn by the Father." Faith in Jesus Christ supplies us with life's only dependable fuel, and ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 08/08/21

Posted by Web Staff on 8/14/21

August 8th is the Feast Day of St. Dominic, the founder of the Order of Preachers and my Favorite Saint after Mary and Joseph. In the 12th canto of the Paradiso, the poet Dante speaks of the legacy of St. Dominic to the Catholic Church: “Then with both learning ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 08/01/21

Posted by Web Staff on 8/08/21

Last week Jesus performed the multiplication of the loaves, and all the people who witnessed the amazing miracle wanted to make Jesus king. Making Jesus king was the same thing as asking Him to lead them in a revolution against the Roman Empire. The Israelites at that period in ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 07/25/21

Posted by Web Staff on 8/02/21

Five loaves and two fish cannot feed a crowd of five thousand men (plus at least as many women and children). It is impossible. Not even a year's salary (the equivalent of two hundred denarii) could buy enough for such a feast, as Philip nervously points out. Yet, when ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 07/18/21

Posted by Web Staff on 7/27/21

Jesus' Apostles had completed their first successful missionary endeavor. After being with Him for a long time, under His tutelage and guidance, they had been sent out to be His ambassadors, to announce His message and testify to its truth. Now they returned to report their progress. We know ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 07/11/21

Posted by Web Staff on 7/17/21

Every Christian shares in Christ's mission. When we were baptized, we became members of His body, that same body that reaches out to men and women in every age in order to lead them to God. That's the mission Jesus gave His apostles in today's Gospel: He sent them ... Read More »