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Fr. Pecchie's Message 03/14/21

Posted by Web Staff on 3/24/21

When we let this Christian joy penetrate our hearts, we find the strength we need to resist temptation and to carry our crosses. This is the experience of all the saints and martyrs. One of my favorite examples of Christian joy and courage is that of the teenage virgin ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 03/07/21

Posted by Web Staff on 3/18/21

The famous modern artist Pablo Picasso was born into a Catholic family in 1881. But he rejected his Catholic upbringing in his early 20s, mostly because he saw religious morals as an obstacle to the hedonistic fashions of his age.    Picasso never publicly returned to the Church, although a ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 02/28/21

Posted by Web Staff on 3/06/21

The reason Christ is so unique is because He is, as we profess each week in the Creed, true God and also true man. Jesus is one person: the eternal Son of God, the second Person of the Blessed Trinity. But ever since the Incarnation, when He became man, ... Read More »