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Fr. Pecchie's Message 11/14/21

Posted by Web Staff on 11/23/21

These words of our Lord were spoken at the very end of His earthly life, just a few days before His crucifixion. His main point is that with His death and resurrection the Old Covenant will end, and the New Covenant, the age of the Church, will begin. This ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 11/07/21

Posted by Web Staff on 11/17/21

It is hard for us to believe that we could ever become as despicable as the scribes, but we can. When Jesus appeared to St. Margaret Mary, giving her the famous revelations of his Sacred Heart, He told the saint many interesting things. He told her, for example, the ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 10/31/21

Posted by Web Staff on 11/07/21

How can we measure how much we love God? How can we know? We all love God to some extent - otherwise we wouldn't be here right now. But how much? How mature is our love for God?   St. Teresa of Avila, the amazing reformer and Doctor of ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 10/24/21

Posted by Web Staff on 11/03/21

Like the blind beggar in the Gospel today, St Catherine of Genoa is another example of placing full confidence in the Lord. She was an elegant, fashionable young noblewoman from Renaissance Italy. Her family arranged a marriage for her, but it was an arrangement based on political factors more ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 10/17/21

Posted by Web Staff on 11/03/21

Sometimes it's hard for us to trust in God because we can't see where He is leading us. But Christ's sufferings are our insurance policy: wherever He leads us, He will never abandon us. Cardinal John Henry Newman wrote a powerful prayer that captures this childlike confidence in God: ... Read More »