Fr. Pecchie's Message 07/26/20

Posted by Web Staff on 8/01/20

The parable of the fishing net helps us understand one of the main reasons that our friendship with Christ is so valuable. At the end of history (either our personal history, or history in general, whichever comes first), if we are found living a vital and personal relationship with ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 07/19/26

Posted by Web Staff on 7/25/20

Most of us have heard about reincarnation, a common belief among Hindu and Buddhist religions that originated in the Orient.  Reincarnation teaches that at death, unenlightened human souls transmigrate from our body into another body, either of an animal, vegetable, or mineral. That process of transmigration is repeated over ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 07/12/20

Posted by Web Staff on 7/18/20

Christ's words have power. Immense crowds press upon Him as He teaches. The crowd was so big, Jesus actually got into a fishing boat and used the lake as His speaking platform, so that He could address everyone gathered on the shore.  Crowds like this hung on His every ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 07/05/20

Posted by Web Staff on 7/11/20

This is why faithful Christians are always courageous defenders of peace, in all its forms: since Christ has established His own peace in their hearts, they are able to become peacemakers for others. Take St. Genevieve, for example. She lived in France, in the 400s. Paganism was still strong ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 06/28/20

Posted by Web Staff on 7/06/20

One of St. Paul's most famous phrases summarizes an essential Christian truth. In his Letter to the Romans, Chapter 8 verse 18 - just two chapters after the passage we just heard proclaimed - St. Paul writes: "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 06/21/20

Posted by Web Staff on 6/27/20

Cardinal Joseph Van Thuan [twahn], the Vietnamese cardinal who spent thirteen years in prison under the Communists, used to say that this is one of the ever present signs of the true Church. He used to say that the true Church founded by Christ is one, holy, catholic, and ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 06/14/20

Posted by Web Staff on 6/21/20

During Pope Benedict's visit to the United States, he had a meeting in Washington DC with leaders of different religions. At that meeting, he encouraged everyone present not to be afraid to speak about the real differences between the different religions. He said, "Dear friends, in our attempt to ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 05/31/20

Posted by Web Staff on 6/17/20

For the ancient Jews, Pentecost was one of the top three religious holidays. It had two important meanings. First, on Pentecost, 50 days after the Passover (the word "Pentecost" comes from the Greek for "fifty"), the first fruits of the spring grain harvest were offered to God in a ... Read More »

Fr. Pecchie's Message 05/17/20

Posted by Web Staff on 5/30/20

Growing in Christian maturity, both as individuals and as a community, is hard work, and it lasts our whole life long. God assists us with His grace, but He doesn't do it all for us. It's like being an artist. God gives artists the gift of artistic talent, but ... Read More »

The Widows Mite

Posted by Fr. Paul Pecchie on 5/19/20

I am grateful to all who have been continuing to the support the church with your offerings; either by dropping it in the box at Church, online giving, in the office mailbox or by regular snail mail, your continued support has been a tremendous blessing. In talking to other ... Read More »