Cantors, Psalmist, Choir Members NEEDED

The Music Department is in great need of your talent!

Please prayerfully consider joining the Music Ministry to be a Cantor, Psalmist, or a member of the Choir.  ALL AGES WELCOME! For more information, please see Sally Fernsel, Music Ministry, after Mass.
**Music Rehearsal has Begun!! Join us in the church every Thursday at 6:00pm**

Volunteers are needed for the following positions:

 Altar Servers:   Please contact Adriana Bates, Altar Server Coordinator, at altarserversstanthony@gmail.com.

 Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Mass):  Please contact the Parish Office at (352)796-2096.

 Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for the Homebound:  Please contact Louise Allen at (352)3160.

Lost & Found is located in the Parish Office.