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the St. Anthony   Adult choir, Youth choir and Funeral choir






St. Anthony Singers to sing Christmas carols with, and for, the residents of: Brooksville Healthcare Center (1114 Chatman Rd), Northbrook Health and Rehab Center (575 Lamar Ave), and The Grande (725 Desoto Ave).

Tuesday, Dec 4th, Brooksville Healthcare, 2:00 pm

Tuesday, Dec 11th,  Northbrook, 3:00 pm

Friday, Dec 14th, Brooksville healthcare, 2:00 pm

Tuesday, Dec 18th, Brooksville healthcare, 2:00 pm

Wednesday, Dec 19th, The Grande, 2:00 pm

Please plan to meet us there (All parishioners invited to come sing; not just choir members).  We will furnish you with copies of carols.




Sunday, December 16th,

4-5 p.m. 

Followed by Evening prayer with Fr Pecchie and

 snacks and light refreshments in the

Church Commons



 Cantors, please let me know of any scheduling conflicts. Also, music will be provided at the rehearsal 10 days prior to your scheduled assignment. Thank you for your service in the Music Ministry. 



November 2018

1st Thursday 8 Gil, 10 open, 7 pm open

2nd Lazarus Mass Friday eve Robert

3rd 4 MJ

4th 8 Gil, 10 Casey (youth)

10th 4 Peter

11th 8 open, 10 open

17th 4 MJ

18th 8 Gil, 10 Robert

22nd Thanksgiving Mass Gil

24th 4 Peter

25th 8 open (C.N. psalmist), 10 open (T.C. psalmist)




1st 4 pm Barbara W

2nd 8 Gil, 10 Casey (K.Z. psalmist)

2nd Evening Prayer

7th 7pm Vigil (open) 

8th 9 am (open)

9th 8 open, 10 Barbara

9th Evening Prayer

15th open

16th 8 Gil, 10 Robert

16th Christmas concert and Evening Prayer

22nd Peter

23rd 8 open (Bonnie), 10 open

23rd Evening Prayer

24th Vigil of Christmas 4 pm open

24th Midnight Mass Peter

25th 9 am Gil, (T.C. psalm w/ Gil) & Bells ring

29th open

30th 8 Gil, 10 open (Meditation song ? )

31st Vigil

January 1st 10 am New Year's day



Youth choir rehearsal is Wednesday in the hall, 5:45-6:25

sings at the 10:00 mass on the first weekend of the month





Adult choir rehearsal 6-7:30 and cantor practice 7:30-8 every Thursday, in the church 

Adult choir sings at the 10:00 a.m. mass Sunday











The funeral choir is seeking new members to lend their voice to the funeral masses. Music is easy. Warm-up is 30 MINUTES before mass IN THE MUSIC OFFICE.  Please call the music office if you're available to assist. This is a most rewarding ministry.


To view music for funerals, click on --MUSIC for Funerals








Adult Choir: 

Choir rehearsal is Thursday, from 6:00-7:30 in the church.  Choir sings on Sundays at 10:00 mass. 


Cantor practice:

Cantor rehearsal follows immediately after choir rehearsal, 7:30-8:00.  

Please consider becoming a Cantor at mass. Thank you.


Youth Choir:  

Youth choir rehearsal is on Wednesdays from 5:45-6:25 in the hall.  The Youth Choir sings the first Sunday of the month, at the 10:00 Mass.     











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