The music ministry wishes you a blessed Easter season. 


Music Ministry: Director: Sally Fernsel.............(352)796-2096 ext. 109, email:



...Come before His presence with singing...  and ringing picture for bell choir.. with the St. Anthony Adult choir, Youth choir, and Bell Choir.               (The choirs will be taking a summer break after Pentecost. End of season barbecue June 4th. See Sally for info.)

Cantors are still needed as are funeral choir members. See Sally if interested to start this summer.

Youth choir rehearsal is Wednesday in the hall, 5:45-6:25

Bell choir rehearsal is Thursday, in the church, 4:00-5:45

Adult choir rehearsal 6-7:30 and cantor practice 7:30-8 every Thursday, in the church.   

JOIN US: All Are Welcome 


  The Music Department invites you to sing praises to our God! 

The Resurrection (funeral) choir requests your presence to sing at funerals. Put your name on the list to be called. Contact the music office.

Please prayerfully consider joining the Music Ministry to be a cantor or a member of one of the choirs (Adult choir, bell choir, funeral choir, or youth choir). 

ALL AGES WELCOME!             zjq3trwehxbp87kec4kw5ne11wl.jpg


Youth choir will sing on the first Sunday of every month, at the 10:00 Mass.   

The Bell Choir rings at the 4pm and the 10:00 masses, on the last weekend in the month. 

Adult choir sings every Sunday at the 10:00 mass 




 To VIEW Music Selections:



6th Sunday of Easter

7th Sunday of Easter

Pentecost Sunday

The Most Holy Trinity

Corpus Christi

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time


    Are you interested in learning Gregorian chantThis document is a good place to start.  Click here. 




Cantor schedule for May (subject to change)

Cantor schedule for June (subject to change)

Cantor schedule for July (subject to change)


 CHOIR REHEARSALS  :  times and day of week

Funeral Choir: 

The Resurrection Choir is for adults who have some flexibility in the daytime to provide beautiful music at funerals. The music is easy.                    There is a half-hour warm-up/rehearsal before each funeral.  You'll be put on the list of names for Funeral choir and be called in the event of a funeral.     Families are always so appreciative of the choir's effort at the funeral of their loved one. 

to view music for funerals, click on --MUSIC for Funerals

 Bell Choir: 

The Bell Choir rehearsal is Thursday from 4-5:45. The bells ring at the 4pm and 10:00 mass the last weekend of the month. 

Adult Choir: 

Choir Mass is 10:00 Sundays.  Choir rehearsal is Thursday, from 6:00-7:00 in the church. All are welcome. Hope to see you there.

Cantor practice:

Cantor rehearsal follows immediately after choir rehearsal; 7-7:30.   

Youth Choir:  

Youth choir rehearsal is on Wednesdays from 5:45-6:25 in the hall.  The Youth Choir sings the first Sunday of the month, at the 10:00 Mass.